More BTN talk and other notes

I gotta be honest, all of this Big Ten Network talk is making my head spin.

Commissioner Jim Delany met with the media yesterday, via phone to lay out more plans and to discuss the distribution of the network. Long story short, if you are a fan of any team in the Big Ten and their game is on the BTN and you have Comcast, right now you’re SOL. (editors note: you may want to check out the first two definitions on that site in order to catch my drift)

Penn State fans will be SOL unless there’s a last minute agreement with Comcast. I was on the call, did a story for today’s paper, you can check that out right here. Delany had some very interesting things to say about his agreements with the cable companies.

Here’s the thing I am still trying to grasp about the network itself….the games that are airing on a given day count towards the 380-400 games Delany said will be televised, but the coverage for football is no better than that of ABC, ESPN whatever because it’s on a regional basis. So where is the groundbreaking coverage on this new network?

What I have an issue with is the ongoing feud with Comcast Cable company. You know the dominate cable provider in this area of mine. And really all over the country.

Delany cited that Comcast has 5.6 million subscribers in the Midwest, AKA home of the Big Ten, including Delany himself. Interesting. I think it simply comes down to the fact that Monopoly-cast simply isn’t controlling the content, therefore they really cannot control the price. Check mate Big Ten.

But when it boils down to it, Comcast WILL jump on board because they are alienating too many football fans of every Big Ten team. They will buckle first before Delany does, but it won’t come until say, Wednesday of the opening week of the season. I’m sure at some point the cable provider will go the route of what they did with the NFL Network and put it on for free, then eventually dump it into their sports tier and charge people to watch it.

Where’s the good help when you need it?

Somewhere Gordon Gecko must be smiling…..greed is good, greed is right, but in this case it’s creating a ton of headaches and further proving the point as to why you’re smart if you are a DirecTV subscriber.

East-West notes
Tomorrow night from the sunny people’s republic of Altoona, the annual East-West game takes place. There is a PSU tie in, Southern Columbia’s Josh Marks is on the East roster. Marks is looking to buck the trend of Class A linemen in the state and make it legit when he goes to PSU.

I covered the kid for two years in a previous life, I can tell you 100-percent, I’m confident he will have an impact at PSU if he can keep his knees healthy and stay toned.

Of course we are all reminded of the laundry list of PSU lineman that haven’t panned out. Mark Harrington from had an interesting post in his blog back in May that puts into perspective the amount of linemen, recent lineman that haven’t panned out at PSU.

11 lineman between 2002-06. That’s a lot. Most were highly touted too. With this incoming class and that of next year, PSU has gone with two more in-state linemen from smaller schools. Fans worry, but Marks is legit, trust me.

That’s it for today. Updates as they warrant.


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