Mid Second quarter….

Couple of notes from the second quarter so far….

Jimmy Clausen is a player, Charlie Weis’ gameplan to get him into a flow early was brilliant. All safe stuff, Clausen is the real deal so far.

…..so is defensive end Aaron Maybin who was totally unblockable on a sack just moments ago.

The Nittany Lions are doing a better job of run blocking, it’s not great, nowhere near perfect, but it’s better then the first half a week ago. Consider this, in 2005, the Orange Bowl year, the offensive line didn’t really glue itself together solidly until the Minnesota week, and the rest they say is history.

Notre Dame is not overly intimidated by the crowd, it’s nuts here, loudest I can remember in a long time, and save for a couple of times where ND was called for false starts, the “white out” crowd hasn’t really rattled Clausen yet.

I get the sense ND is in this until the end and will hit a big play down the field vertically sooner or later.


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