The Baker we don’t know

Mark Viara of the Daily Collegian has an interesting read on (former) Penn State defensive tackle Chris Baker in today’s edition.

Baker is set to meet with Judicial Affairs today to discuss further punishment for his role in two fights during the season last year.

But the story isn’t about the fights per say, it’s about the Chris Baker that Chris Baker hopes we all get to know.

“You probably think of some guy who’s been going around beating up innocent people. That’s not me; I’m a good guy. I go to church. I like to be around people. I’m not a violent person. I’m a nice person, and people have a different perception. People just think I’m just a big, black thug. And that’s not what I’m like.”

Baker has a long way to go to repair his reputation regardless of who he is. And the most important person he has to impress is of course Joe Paterno.

Does Baker come back? Who knows? There is a slight chance, but it doesn’t look that good right now. Paterno said at his day after Alamo Bowl get together with the beat writers that Baker was a good kid and he thought he would be OK.

Baker doesn’t think he’s been treated fairly in the whole ordeal. Maybe he hasn’t by Centre Co. DA Michael Madeira, who has long clashed with members of the football team over various incidents, and hardly had success, but I get the sense his gripe is about how the football team has treated him.

Seems like receiver Derrick Williams has treated him just fine.

“Baker said he has remained close with teammates and has grown particularly closeWilliams with wide receiver Derrick Williams. In fact, Jackie Baker said Williams, at one point, called the family’s Connecticut home to personally apologize and express sympathy for their situation.” 

Seems like Williams is making it a point to be a player spokesman, or possible show leadership qualities.

I can tell you I’ve been a fan of Williams, not as the player, but more the person. He’s always cordial with the media, very soft spoken, his parents are stand up people and nice to talk to and teammates have talked about how he is as a leader. That bodes well not only for Williams, but for Penn State if they have a standup type of kid to be a leader, ala Williams and Sean Lee.


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