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Hollywood is irritating

I ask this question in this non-football related posting today.

Where’s Hollywood at? When New Orleans was under water and there were all sorts of social issues surrounding Hurricane Katrina, Hollywood types like Sean Penn, the people who felt like they had to act important, rushed down there and floated up and down the rivers with shotgun in hand acting like they were making a difference.

Now the heartland is ravaged by the same cruel act of mother nature, towns are under water, levees are broken, people’s livelyhoods are distroyed. Where’s Sean Penn offering to help. Where’s George Clooney coming on TV and raising money?

Is it because Iowa and all the affected areas around them aren’t commercially recognized tourists attractions like N.O.?

Hollywood would rush to save some overseas country, but they can’t help out their own in the midwest when needed?

Just something to think about…


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Captains to address the media Thursday

Penn State captains Derrick Williams, A.Q Shipley, Anthony Scirrotto, Sean Lee and Josh Gaines will address the media tomorrow at Beaver Stadium around 2:30 p.m.

There’s no earth shattering news coming out of the PSU camp right now, but it will be interesting to hear what the fearsome foursome has to say regarding the upcoming season.

Next month Penn State will conduct its annual Lift for Life to benefit Kidney Cancer at Holuba Hall, where it’s expected other key members of the team will be available as well.

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Drake (all but) picks Lions

Sean Fitz of Blue White Illustrated has a story posted this morning about Philadelphia West Catholic’s Curtis Drake saying he plans to formally announce  his intentions of college at a presser Thursday morning, but….

“I have a press conference on Thursday,” Drake told Fitz. “I told Coach Paterno that I would like to go there, and go to Penn State, and he was very happy. I talked to my coach and he said that he was going to set up the press conference for Thursday to let everybody else know.”

The story is here (note: a subscription is needed to read the entire piece).

Also, if you get a chance, check out my read on three of the incoming freshmen playing in the Big 33 this weekend. (thanks to the guys at BWI for the photos).

It’s pretty obvious that these guys aren’t concerned about Joe’s future. They picked a school based on other things, which is what Joe tells us he wants them to do anyway.

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Recruits unfazed by Paterno’s contract

Had the chance to check out Big 33 practice this morning and speak to Penn State recruits Brandon Ware, Pete Massaro and Matt Stankiewitch.

Not only do they have the blue and white in common, they aren’t fazed at all by the potential contract squabble between Joe Paterno and Penn State coming up this season and into next.

Some highlights from the upcoming story.

Brandon Ware: “He’s been the face of the program for so long. In college football your position coach is the guy you talk to the most, the head coach oversees everything and comments. It is what it is. Everything happens for a reason, it’ll be good either way,” Ware said. “Recruits know what is happening, they read the papers, they watch the news, so they need to make their own decisions.”

Pete Massaro: “People ask all the time about what Joe’s deal is and I tell them I don’t know, it’s not one of my concerns. Whomever the coach is they’re going to be good.

“I think the biggest part of my commitment was defensive line coach Larry Johnson Sr., He’s a great teacher, been coaching for many years and he teaches in a helping, non-pushing way.”

The story itself is a work in progress, a link is coming upon completion.

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Saturday morning live…..on the air

Time for a totally shamless plug.

Tomorrow at 11 a.m., (it’s actually 11:06-11:28 a.m) I will be a guest on Jed Donahue’s Saturday morning sportstalk show. Check local listings. If you are in my home base of Harrisburg, you can listen on 1460 WTKT, and also online via this link.

Not sure of the topic, Jed usually has a few writers from across the state on every Saturday to talk of a variety of topics in that hour. Of course anyone who knows me knows Jed and I go waay back and he got me started in radio, so I’m looking forward to the spot.

Hope you can check it out.

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A Phil Steele for your thoughts

There are plenty of preseason football magazines that come out this time of year. A little too early for my taste, but it’s reading (study) material never the less.

Phil Steele’s magazine is probably the bible of the those preview pubs. It’s the one I carry with on the road, it’s more like a media guide for everyone.

If you get it this season, Penn State fans will be particularly interested in page two where Phil makes his bowl predictions.

The long and short of it….he has Ohio State winning the Big Ten and for a third straight year playing for the national title against another SEC school (this time, for the second time in three years, Florida). No arguments there. I’d maybe slide Georgia into the title game over Florida, but that’s up for interpretation.

Anyways, Steele pegs Penn State No. 2 in the Big Ten and has them opposite USC in the Rose Bowl.

Steele’s wrap on PSU: “Penn State has to face both Wisconsin and Ohio State on the road, but this is a loaded Lions team that switches back to the spread offense (like in ’05) and should have a double digit win season.”

Steele puts Wisconsin at third, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois fourth, Michigan St., Northwestern, and Purdue seventh and Minnesota and Indiana bringing up the rear of the conference.

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‘Cuse clash set for 3:30 p.m.

Penn State announced this afternoon that the September 13 road date with the Syracuse Orange has been scheduled for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff and will be televised by ABC.

The game will be split with Texas-Arkansas and Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech which are also being carried by ABC that weekend with 3:30 p.m. kickoffs.

ABC is carrying the highly anticipated USC-Ohio State matchup that night at 8 p.m.

It’s also the fifth TV date announced for the Nittany Lions this season.


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