Clark has his moment

Before I get into Daryll Clark, here’s links to today’s stuff from yesterday’s defeat of Temple.


Now about Daryll Clark. I’ll say this, like I said at the beginning of the season. I have to talk to that guy every week. He is charasmatic, honest, he’s everything wrapped up in one nice offering.

He had some very interesting  things to say about this year’s Illinois contest and last year’s Nittany Lions disaster in Champaign.

Among the samplings I will share (look for more Monday).

“We owe Illinois for what happened last year,” Clark said. “Obviously we felt we could have went home with that game last year we just didn’t execute. It’s going to be primetime, it’s going to be at night. We’re chomping at the bit right now.”

 “A lot of guys have had (this game) highlighted, we all have. Any Big Ten team, but but first things first, the non-conference games, you have to handle that first. There were a lot of points left on the field (at Illinois) last year that we just didn’t take advantage of. I feel we could have put that team away early. We just didn’t execute.

“It was real unfortunate. The plane ride home was a long ride home because we felt that team we played against we could have beat. We’re going to be geared up and excited for this year.”

More from Penn State’s quarterback in tomorrow’s edition. He goes on to say some far more interesting things about related to the upcoming conference opener.



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