Tech jumps PSU in BCS standings

The official BCS standings are out and Texas Tech has indeed jumped four spots all the way to No. 2, including leapfrogging an undefeated Penn State team that seemed almost certain to land at No. 2 despite being off this past weekend.

The top five is as follows.

1. Alabama .974

2. Texas Tech .937

3. Penn State .928

4. Texas .853

5. Florida .826

PSU is No. 3 in the AP poll (which isn’t used in the BCS ratings anymore), No. 2 in the Coaches’ Poll, No. 2 in the Harris Poll, No. 1 in the Sagarin ratings, however in the much debated ELO-Chess factor of the Sagarin ratings PSU is 4th, Tech is No. 1. In the ELO-Chess factor, ONLY winning and losing matters, not margin, but if you think about it, margin is factored into the Coaches’ vote and also the Harris poll.

So there is breathing room between Penn State and the one-losses in Texas and Florida.

Some of the analysis after the ratings were released.

FOX’s Barry Switzer said that “America expected Penn State to be No. 2,” but he felt there are “four or five teams better than PSU.”

Switzer would later add that he thinks the Nittany Lions will be the only remaining team left when all is said and done and it’s because they don’t have a conference title game and he hinted that he thinks the Big Ten is awful.

Terry Bradshaw said he was “surprised that Penn State held tight at No. 3.”

No sign of Charles Davis to discuss the new ratings.

Bottom line: If you are a Penn State fan, you best hope Tech loses to Oklahoma State, and that Alabama is either the only remaining unbeaten setting up 1 v. 2 PSU v. Alabama, or that ‘Bama loses for good measure and that there isn’t some weird tiebreaker landing a Big 12 team in the title game and leaving PSU with a Rose Bowl spot.

For good measure, PSU needs to belt Iowa say 42-7, 56-10, 75-3.



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2 responses to “Tech jumps PSU in BCS standings

  1. Michael Knaub

    Shafted AGAIN!!!!

    I think Penn State needs to put the hammer down in the last 3 games, especailly AT Iowa and at home against Indiana and Mich State. By the time they play Michigan State, I expect Alabama and Texas Tech to have one loss.

    We need to send a message – PSU 48 – Iowa 3

  2. ethomas626

    Style points aren’t going to earn a national title berth, but it wouldn’t hurt, if you catch my drift.

    They do need to come out, focused, chip on shoulder and not let that be a BAD thing.

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