A rematch is a rematch

In talking to reps from both the Rose Bowl and ABC/ESPN today, it’s clear, if Oregon State and Penn State win out and claim their respective conference titles, that is your Rose Bowl match up, period.

Rose Bowl media contact Gina Chappin confirmed via phone earlier this evening that the bowl is obligated to take the Nittany Lions and Beavers if it comes down to that and said that she, along with Rose Bowl president John Dorger, will be at Beaver Stadium this weekend to present Penn State with roses and formally invite them to Pasadena should they defeat Michigan State.

Responding via e-mail ABC/ESPN  contact Michael Humes said that the network has no say what-so-ever in the selection of the game. Meaning should Ohio State and Penn State share the title, ABC cannot step in and prevent a rematch with the Beavers and Nittany Lions by suggestion the Buckeyes replace Penn State. Nor could they prevent a USC-Ohio State rematch. Though, that would arguably be a better rematch if there has to be one.

The Rose Bowl has guaranteed a sellout regardless of game.

Oregon State travels to Arizona this weekend, then concludes the regular season with the Civil War against rival Oregon. Penn State and Ohio State are both done this weekend, USC is off this week and has dates with Notre Dame and UCLA remaining and that’s it.


According to USA Today, Fox has pulled out of bidding for the BCS, meaning the games are going back to the Disney networks (ABC/ESPN) and it means that most likely the BCS games will move to cable only outlet in ESPN, pretty much changing the way we watch title games forever.

This would be the first of any sort of title game to be on cable only, and likely not the last one we see on cable.

Why can’t ESPN bid to get the NCAA tournament? Think how great it would be to have ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN Classic all able to carry games for FREE instead of buying Mega March Madness every year?

Bottom line, the BCS is going to cable and that means rates probably go up as the increase for ad revenue does on the cable outlets.


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