Robinson will be watching

Had the chance to talk to former Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson earlier this. As he tells me he will definitely be watching tomorrow’s game against Michigan State.

It’s been well documented about the relationship between Robinson and current Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark. So it should come as no surprise that Robinson wants his understudy to secure a second Big Ten championship.

A couple things about the game itself.

If this game were last week, I’d feel more confident in picking Michigan State. But as it stands, I refuse to believe a senior class that has lost just two games at home in four seasons will allow an opponent to walk into Beaver Stadium and win.

Think about those two opponents who have for a second. One was Michigan in 2006, the very same Michigan team that ended up being No. 2 at the end of the season and nearly beat No. 1 Ohio State in the biggest of the Big Ten games ever.

The other? No. 1 Ohio State last year. There’s no shame in losing to either.

Michigan State may just be a year away, but they are definitely going in the right direction. Mark Dantonio will turn out to be one of the best hires, heck, he already has proven that. When you watch the Spartans this season compared to last, a lot of the names are the same but the attitude is different.

That swagger that Penn State players talked about this week has to show up. The Penn State that beat Indiana won’t be good enough to beat Michigan State. The one that beat Oregon State and Wisconsin will leave no doubt. The Spartans are built now to win 21-7, 21-14, I don’t see them being able to win 41-38.

Weather wise, it looks like it might be 32 degrees at kickoff and drop as the game progresses.


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