Maybin update

Here is today’s story on the incoming Penn State recruiting class.

Just talked to Aaron Maybin for a totally unrelated story coming out next week in Blue White Illustrated, but I asked about  his invitation to the combine and he did say he will attend.

Maybin was one of eight former Penn State players invited last week. Seems like a no-brainer move just due to the fact that he will be able to interview with the NFL execs. He still plans to do Penn State pro day in March as well.

A few weeks ago when I went down to Power Train in Lancaster to catch up with the PSU guys working out with Steve Saunders, Mo Evans said if he got an invite he’d go and Saunders said it would be a decision between Maybin and his agent as to whether to attend the combine or not.

Maybin said he expects all eight who got an invite to attend, but he hasn’t talked to any of his former teammates about going yet.

Now speaking of the agent….here we are on Feb. 5th and Maybin still does not have one.

“I have it narrowed down to some people,” Maybin said, “but I still haven’t picked one yet.”


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