Seriously? Really?

Forgot to post this gem the other day….

But a couple of bloggers from Newsday’s Campus Confidential are making the case for a 12th team to join the Big Ten and that 12th team they make the case for is…..Temple.

I know, I chuckled too when I first saw that. No disrespect to Temple, mind you.

Temple? Really?

The case made is because it would allow the Big Ten to expand its reach into the Philadelphia market. And says that the only way a 12th team would work under normal circumstances is if it comes from a big conference. So they eliminate the idea of a Ball State or someone like that.

But Temple?

Two years ago when Penn State sleepwalked through a game that lasted less time than the traffic jam to get two miles from the hotel to the stadium, it was all Penn State people in the crowd at Lincoln Financial. So I understand that, but Temple?

Come on guys. People in Philly don’t care that much about college sports unless there is a team like St. Joe’s (Circa 2004) or this current Villanova team to bandwagon jump on. And the Big Ten isn’t about to pick up a team like a Temple just for the sake of having the Philly market. Whatever college football fans are in Philly are likely PSU fans anyway, save for the scattered few that watch ‘Nova, the handful that are at Temple games, etc. Everyone knows Philadelphia is a pro sports town. Why else is stuff like college football buried on the inside pages of the papers?

Temple. Seriously guys, get a clue.

If the Big Ten ever adds another school it’s going to be a Midwestern school or Notre Dame. Period. Maybe Pitt, but that’s a stretch at best.


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  1. Agree with you on a couple points here: (1) Temple makes zero sense in the Big Ten and (2) it’s 90% likely that the Big Ten will save its 12th spot for Notre Dame into perpetuity. The point that I’d quibble with, though, is that the Big Ten would want another Midwestern school (other than Notre Dame). I wrote a post on this a few years ago:

    Essentially, I think Syracuse would be the other viable target for the Big Ten in order to give Penn State an Eastern counterpart. (Rutgers would be the other possible option, but I don’t have as much confidence that’s truly legit.) In addition to the reasons that I wrote in that post, which was written prior to the conception of the Big Ten Network, the profitability of that TV network is largely dependent on simply getting onto basic cable in as many homes as possible. The number of households in both New York and/or New Jersey (not to mention other parts of the East Coast) completely dwarf what would be available in places such as Missouri (where the Big Ten Network already gets good penetration in St. Louis due to Illinois being a virtual home team there) or Nebraska. Simply put, the Big Ten already dominates the Midwest. Therefore, the financially savvy conference knows that it’s a whole lot more valuable if it also becomes the predominant power on the East Coast by pairing Penn State up with Syracuse or Rutgers as opposed to covering the same or smaller ground in the Midwest. Of course, the national draw of Notre Dame trumps all.

    Also, great blog! As a blogger that focuses heavily on the Illini, I try to take stock of the fellow Big Ten blogs out there and will add you to my blogroll.

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