Lions No. 9 in AP Poll, 24th on one ballot

The first AP poll of the season hit the wires this morning. With no surprise, Florida is your No. 1 team, Texas, Oklahoma, USC and Alabama round out the top five.

Ohio State, the preseason Big Ten favorite is No. 6, Penn State opens at No. 9. About right. Iowa is also ranked.

You can view the full poll here.

Every so often though, if you are like me and you scan Pollspeak to check out where everyone votes the teams where they do, you get a head scratching ballot like Eric Hansen’s of the South Bend Tribune.

Hansen, who is a good read and one of my bookmarks, put Penn State at No. 24 on his ballot, the lowest of any voter in the poll.

Look, I’m not lobbying for Penn State to be No. 1, they aren’t as good as the teams in the top five (maybe they could beat ‘Bama right now). But if most who vote base it on last year and what returns, how can this be taken seriously? I don’t even argue with ranking Ohio State ahead of PSU, since they are the pick to win the Big Ten by those who know it and cover it.

But TWENTY-FOURTH? I don’t even have a problem with him ranking Notre Dame 18th on his ballot

Hansen also put the likes of BYU, Boise State and TCU ahead of Penn State and has Georgia Tech ranked No. 6, the highest of any other voter in America.

I don’t disagree that Notre Dame is going to be damn good this year, probably win 9-10 games and make a BCS bowl run as well, but PSU 24th?

I’m on the Notre Dame bandwagon this season by the way. Big time ND bandwagon jumper in ’09.

But please.

I try to keep it between the lines (no pun) here and I view every thing objectionally and call it like I see it. I must call a spade a spade here.

How this ballot can be taken seriously from this point on I’ll never know. As someone who is to be taken as a credible writer, that’s embarrassing. Really it is.

As Jim Calhoun once said “get some facts, and come back and see me.”


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