Tuesday Cup of Joe: Akron Edition

A couple of notes coming out of Joe Paterno’s first teleconference of the season.

The news coming out is that reserve defensive tackle Brandon Ware, who is listed as Jared Odrick’s backup is done for at least 3-4 weeks with a broken bone in his foot. Paterno said the injury was suffered Monday in practice and Ware injured it in a non-contact drill. Paterno said he was running and the leg gave out.

The initial diagnosis is 3-4 weeks, but Paterno said that probably means more like 4-5 weeks.

  • Paterno said cornerback A.J. Wallace has followed the rules he put in place for him regarding grades and Wallace may indeed see the field on Saturday. He is listed as the backup to Knowledge Timmons
  • Chris Jacquemain, the Akron QB will present problems, Joe likes the Zips offensive line. “We’ll have our hands full with him.”
  • Joe said he thinks the Oline has made great strides, but until they get into a game, he isn’t sure what he has yet. He said they have a little better feel on Akron than his own kids. He isn’t sure if Akron will use a 3-5 or 4-3 defensive alignment, either one will challenge PSU.
  • Freshmen will see “some time” but isn’t sure how much. “How much is some? Is that eight plays? Ten plays?”
  • Joe and the staff have thrown a lot of things at Kevin Newsome in preparing for this week, and he isn’t sure until Newsome and Matt McGloin get a game or two more under their belt to see where they are.
  • Joe says Colin Wagner will be fine as the kicker, said he was very close to Kevin Kelly last season.
  • About the practice rule, Paterno said they haven’t gone the full 20 hours, they usually go 17.5, 18 hours. He said he cannot speak for what is going on at Michigan.
  • Joe said he is looking forward to getting back on the sideline, he doesn’t know if he will run out of the tunnel, but he’s been jogging on the practice field.
  • Powell and Green will handle kickoff returns, Royster and Astorino will do punts.
  • Joe said having Clark with an inexperienced O-line is a plus, but they have to be careful with how much they do with Clark now since the backups are inexperienced.
  • No decisions on redshirts yet, including linebacker Chris Colasanti, who told reporters at media day he would be redshirting. Paterno said guys moved over to the practice squad and and have been helping the team get ready for Akron.

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