Nittany Lion Hotline recap

Nittany Lion Hotline is over, fin-ito for another Thursday. Hope you had the chance to check it out. If not, here’s your weekly recap of the festivities.

PRESENTING SPONSOR: Sinus Buster Nasal Spray, proud sponsor of Penn State athletics. (Note: when In-and-out Burger or Five Guys becomes a presenting sponsor, I’ll support it, or them. Is it them? I think it’s “it” right? Can I get a ruling on this?

HOST DE JOUR: The electric, “Sugar” Steve Jones.

PLAYER GUEST: Punter Jeremy Boone is gettin’ the love tonight

THE BIG NEWS: Joe admits there are six freshmen who might have made a difference on the punt return coverage this season but he hates to use them for six or seven plays in a game only and doesn’t want to bring them in this late in the season. He also adds that some of them “aren’t very good students.” (Joe, can they blow fog on glass? If so, suit’em up for the love of Pete. Side note: who the hell is Pete anyway and why does everyone love him?)

THE BIG NEWS II: Nothing to see here, move along.

THE NOTREALLYBIGNEWSBUTWORTHMENTIONINGNEWS: Hey, in case you didn’t know, the men’s basketball team is back in action tomorrow night, apparently they won something in New York last year and they have a guard who is pretty good too. Might be worth checking them out if you are in town tomorrow night. If you don’t Dick Jerardi will hunt you down and wrap you in the noggin with a bat. I wonder what Mike Kern thinks about Penn State basketball? Love the Mike Kern.

Highlights from Jeremy Boone’s chat.

  • Jeremy calls Steve “Mr. Jones”…now that, ladies and gentlemen is respect. I wish he would have called him “Sugar” Steve.
  • Boonie was told he when he got to PSU he could walk-on and compete for a job in two years.
  • At Mechanicsburg he was current UCONN QB Zach Frazier’s No. 1 target as wide receiver. But he also kicked and punted. Mrs. Boone (Boonie has the coolest parents, met them last year in Iowa) wouldn’t let him play football, it was soccer all the way growing up. Momma Boone is from Guatemala.
  • Boone never held before getting to PSU, so he worked with Kevin Kelly closely, they roomed as freshmen and they still room today. Damn Kevin, college is over son, time to move out into the real world. Just kidding. Stay as long as you want. PSU welcomes everyone and anyone…except Pitt fans.
  • Boone is an elementary ed major. In another life, yours truly will be a teacher too.
  • Todd from Wellsboro makes his usual call-in, asking if they will beat IU this week. Todd, have you seen IU my man? They are terrible. PSU by 20. Jimmy “The Greek” told me it was a lock….then he went on to say the “punter is a superior athle…” nevermind.
  • Jones asks the usual questions about Lift for Life and the Special Olympics and what it means to be a part of them. Boone likes it doing that stuff. Who doesn’t?

JOE ARRIVES: Nittany Nation, your hero checks in at 6:23 pm. Just in time for dessert.


  • Joe asks Joe how to deal with DEs and the pistol. JVP likes the DEs. On the pistol…Joe thinks IU has done a great job with protecting Ben Chappell and said it will be hard to get to BC on Sat.
  • Someone should have called and asked Joe if he watched the Jimmy “The Greek” docu on ESPN the other night…or for a Manny-Cotto prediction on Saturday. (Joe: “We tried to recruit Cotto, but we couldn’t get him academically cleahed. He’s a tough hahd nosed playah.”)
  • Says Joe, Zug and Astorino return punts because they are sured handed. So in other words, Joe would rather trade a gamebreaker for two guys who can’t break a game, yet can fair catch a punt and give the offense stellar starting field position deep inside their own 10-yard line. Makes sense. Is Calvin Lowry now the PSU special teams coach?
  • Joe says they practiced well this week but he also felt the same way going into the Ohio State game and we all know what happened there.
  • Joe is wicked mad about that bomb Pryor threw in the second half. He said they practiced hard against the deep ball knowing it was coming.
  • Joe used the word “bester” in a sentence. Marty couldn’t write that for him in a script.



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  1. Joel

    Yes, it is Calvin Lowry all over again. I guess it is a little better now since Lowry used to put the ball on the ground what seemed like once a game. It still makes no sense.

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