Nittany Lion Hotline recap

A special Wednesday edition of NLH tonight because the men’s basketball team is on the road and plays tomorrow at 4pm, so the game would bleed into the usual time.

THE HOST WITH THE MOST: Steve “Snapper” Jones

PLAYER GUEST: Because it was a split show with football and basketball tonight, “Snapper” got men’s assistant basketball coach Kurt Kanaskie on to talk PSU hoops. No football player guest. I do not cover PSU hoops, therefore there will be no recap of what KK said, because I have no idea what he is talking about and outside of Jermaine Marshall and Talor Battle, I know nothing about PSU hoops. I will readily admit that. Yes, I suck.

JOE ARRIVES: At 6:30 tonight, he’s on the phone.

THE BIG NEWS: Joe is on a CLEAR connection, much different from the 1890’s rotary phone he was using last year when he was bunkered up in the Paterno Compound on McKee Street with the bum hip and short temper.

THE BIG NEWS II: Joe says Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins is like Mike Kafka from Northwestern. My boy Neil Geoghegan from Journal Register in Philly would say he’s a lot like C.J. Bacher.

HUH? Joe says that people “underestimate what this team has accomplished this season.”….Uhhhhh, Joe, what HAS this team accomplished? I mean honestly? With a win you are going to backdoor and luck into a BCS bowl, the marquee win is Temple, and you’ve been outclassed by the two superior Big Ten teams, AT HOME. The only other highlight this season was the demolishing of Michigan from about the 7-minute mark of the first quarter-on. That’s it.

THENOTSOBIGBUTWORTHMENTIONINGNEWS: For those of you who have Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown on your fantasy football team, I hope your No. 2 back and a backup are both good because Ronnie is done for the year. No this wasn’t mentioned by either Steve, Kanaskie or Joe, but I have Ronnie on my fantasy team, I am in first place, and now I’m pissed and had to use this space to vent.


  • Joe says MSU is up and down, “but when they put their ears back and come,” they are tough. “This is a good football team. Their 6-5 but if you look at them they look like they should have one 2-3 more football games.”
  • Caller asks about freshman offensive tackle Eric Shrive. Joe says he’s going to be a good football player someday, he’s redshirting, and the hardest position to break into early in a career is the OL per Joe. He is currently running scout team.
  • Any thought of moving Chaz Powell back to safety with Brown and others at the WR spot. Joe says they will look at tape when the season is over, says Powell is bugging him to be the wildcat in the offense, but Joe says its a possibility….but Powell will be at WR for the remainder of the season and in the bowl.
  • Joe laments on the Beachum injury, says it’s a bigger loss than people think.
  • Team worked really hard on covering MSU’s spectacular kick return unit. Joe says if they give up a big play in the kicking game they will lose.
  • Joe thinks that Matt Stankiewitch has to get a little more aggressive.
  • He isn’t sure if they will play ND again, he hints they’d like to. But says the schedules are made so far in advance that the next possible time might be 2020 and he won’t be around then.
  • Troutman won’t start, but can play this weekend.
  • Behind Beachum is Brent Carter. But it’s harder to replace Beachum on special teams. Joe says Jerome Hayes will play more on special teams this week.
  • Joe says they need a win this weekend…ya think?


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  1. Seems like you are a real specialist. Did ya study about the subject? *lol*

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