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Nittany Lion Hotline recap

A special Wednesday edition of NLH tonight because the men’s basketball team is on the road and plays tomorrow at 4pm, so the game would bleed into the usual time.

THE HOST WITH THE MOST: Steve “Snapper” Jones

PLAYER GUEST: Because it was a split show with football and basketball tonight, “Snapper” got men’s assistant basketball coach Kurt Kanaskie on to talk PSU hoops. No football player guest. I do not cover PSU hoops, therefore there will be no recap of what KK said, because I have no idea what he is talking about and outside of Jermaine Marshall and Talor Battle, I know nothing about PSU hoops. I will readily admit that. Yes, I suck.

JOE ARRIVES: At 6:30 tonight, he’s on the phone.

THE BIG NEWS: Joe is on a CLEAR connection, much different from the 1890’s rotary phone he was using last year when he was bunkered up in the Paterno Compound on McKee Street with the bum hip and short temper.

THE BIG NEWS II: Joe says Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins is like Mike Kafka from Northwestern. My boy Neil Geoghegan from Journal Register in Philly would say he’s a lot like C.J. Bacher.

HUH? Joe says that people “underestimate what this team has accomplished this season.”….Uhhhhh, Joe, what HAS this team accomplished? I mean honestly? With a win you are going to backdoor and luck into a BCS bowl, the marquee win is Temple, and you’ve been outclassed by the two superior Big Ten teams, AT HOME. The only other highlight this season was the demolishing of Michigan from about the 7-minute mark of the first quarter-on. That’s it.

THENOTSOBIGBUTWORTHMENTIONINGNEWS: For those of you who have Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown on your fantasy football team, I hope your No. 2 back and a backup are both good because Ronnie is done for the year. No this wasn’t mentioned by either Steve, Kanaskie or Joe, but I have Ronnie on my fantasy team, I am in first place, and now I’m pissed and had to use this space to vent.


  • Joe says MSU is up and down, “but when they put their ears back and come,” they are tough. “This is a good football team. Their 6-5 but if you look at them they look like they should have one 2-3 more football games.”
  • Caller asks about freshman offensive tackle Eric Shrive. Joe says he’s going to be a good football player someday, he’s redshirting, and the hardest position to break into early in a career is the OL per Joe. He is currently running scout team.
  • Any thought of moving Chaz Powell back to safety with Brown and others at the WR spot. Joe says they will look at tape when the season is over, says Powell is bugging him to be the wildcat in the offense, but Joe says its a possibility….but Powell will be at WR for the remainder of the season and in the bowl.
  • Joe laments on the Beachum injury, says it’s a bigger loss than people think.
  • Team worked really hard on covering MSU’s spectacular kick return unit. Joe says if they give up a big play in the kicking game they will lose.
  • Joe thinks that Matt Stankiewitch has to get a little more aggressive.
  • He isn’t sure if they will play ND again, he hints they’d like to. But says the schedules are made so far in advance that the next possible time might be 2020 and he won’t be around then.
  • Troutman won’t start, but can play this weekend.
  • Behind Beachum is Brent Carter. But it’s harder to replace Beachum on special teams. Joe says Jerome Hayes will play more on special teams this week.
  • Joe says they need a win this weekend…ya think?


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Nittany Lion Hotline recap

Here is your running update from Nittany Lion Hotline for Ohio State week.

YOUR HOST: The man, Steve Jones, who last week had one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard during a football broadcast, when during the problem the officials had spotting the ball, once it was announced where the ball would be placed, Steve slipped in a “we know.” You had to hear it. I howled.

PRESENTING SPONSOR: As always this season, Nittany Lion Hotline is brought to you by Sinus Buster Nasal Spray (I’ve switched back to Afrin myself, but hey, whatever clears your nose in this crappy fall weather).

THE BIG NEWS: Joe did not like the “Terrelle Cryer” t-shirt. He applauds Pryor for being a good kid. Sounds like The Godfather was the one that put the ki-bosh on the shirt. “Paulie? Oh we won’t see him no more.”

THE BIG NEWS II: Stephfon Green will be ready this week. Joe said he had a good Wednesday of practice and looked good today as well. But added if they have to play Beachum, Beachum won’t hurt them.

THE NOT BIG NEWS BUT WORTH MENTIONING NEWS: Jones reports in the first segment that the line to get into the overnight RV lot was already long today. You fans, I’ll tell ya…does anybody work on Friday’s in-state anymore? (Sidebar: I think it would be a great story to say fly to a far away state and travel into town with fans that drive a RV. Any takers? I’ll bring beer)

PLAYER GUEST: Defensive tackle Jared Odrick is up tonight. Good time as ever to pimp him.

  • Odrick says it’s easy to get pumped up for a game like Ohio State.
  • Defense has been able to get better, and he says that Odrick has this ability to feel out the blocks before they happen.
  • He prefers 3-technique.
  • No brainer that Pryor is the guy they are focusing on and that they have to play solid and sound defense vs. him.
  • Pryor is deceptively quick. “Sideline to sideline he is really fast and we know he likes to get to that sideline and get out of bounds before he cuts back.” (interesting….pinky to mouth)
  • Talking about the support the team receives, Odrick says that ON THE ROAD, at Michigan the crowd in the PSU end was so loud that Tate Forcier had trouble getting a snap off. Geesh.

JOE ARRIVAL TIME: 6:25 eastern standard time, 3:25 in California and I believe 1:25 pm in H-A-W-A-II, Joseph Vincent Paterno makes his long awaited return to the Hotline show…it’s been a long two weeks since we last heard from the coach. And in that two weeks, nothing has happened.


  • Darla, or as Joe calls her, ‘Darler’ calls in to say she has a bitchin’ tailgate planned this week. Joe says that he hopes the postgame tailgate is better. (I would pay straight cash homey to see Joe swing by a tailgate and shotgun a Keystone Light with some co-eds. That would be in-cred-ible)
  • Joe burns Roger from Emmaus, who tries to match X’s and O’s. Don’t challenge him, Rog. Don’t challenge him.
  • Joe is breaking down the passing game now. Z-cross, X-Y out, whatever just happened to saying “you go to the car and run a post, you go to the fire hydrant and run a comeback?
  • The two down lineman are really good for OSU per JVP.
  • “They’re a tough team to run against. This will be a good, tough football game. The guy that makes the least mistakes will probably win.”
  • Joe says if they make mistakes, they will get licked. If Ohio State makes mistakes, they will get licked. SOMEONE IS GETTING LICKED!


  • Al Golden’s got Temple cooking, per Joe.
  • Caller says his kid goes to PSU and saw Joe driving this summer and his son waved at Joe and Joe waved back. Joe says: “I wasn’t waving at him, I was running out of gas.”….BADA BOOM!
  • Joe pimps Daryll Clark again. (Note: more on this tomorrow, I got something planned for this here space y’all will love, and hopefully eat up about DC)


  • Joe says the wide receivers had great potential coming into the season, Joe adds that they haven’t exceeded expectations but they have come along faster than they thought they would. (apparently people really don’t read newspapers anymore because everyone on the beat has written this, over and over.)
  • Joe gets a call from someone who is talking about how much he means to the state of PA (Joe, not the caller), and Joe says “I’m gonna tape this conversation and give it to my wife.” BOOM. ROASTED.


  • Joe says they practiced well this week and they did a little more than they usually do on Monday to “see where we are.”
  • Joe won’t say for sure if Ohio State is the biggest rival for PSU. He mentions Iowa and Michigan State. I’d vote for Iowa, but you have to beat the team every now and then…you know, in order for it to be a rivalry. Ohio State is definitely PSU’s biggest rival and it’s the biggest game in the Big Ten annually right now, thanks to the 2005 game.
  • Joe thinks Terrelle Pryor made a good choice in picking Ohio State for his school.
  • Joe wants the crowd to be loud “but don’t be mean spirited. I hate booing. Let’s just hope we play as well as we can play and they play as well as they can play and let’s see what happens.” Then he adds “but you can help us be better by being loud.”

Joe exits stage left.

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Nittany Lion Hotline recap

Nittany Lion hotline is done for another week. A recap.

Your Host: The always joyful Steve Jones, who by the way I had the chance to catch a few minutes of on the way to meet another beat writer last Saturday to watch the game. He and Jack were really good in the first quarter. But I cannot stand hearing “We” when Jack speaks. Just saying. Hammer, if you read this, please don’t hurt me.

Presenting sponsor: Sinus Buster Nasal Spray

Player Guest: Cornerback A.J. Wallace

Joe arrives at..: See “The Big News”

The Big News: Joe was absent tonight. It was Tom Bradley and Galen Hall in his place. The humor factor went into the can once that was announced. Bradley is awesome, but Joe is just funny even when he doesn’t say a word.

The Big News II: Toward the end of the show, offensive coordinator Galen Hall that Stephfon Green is “not healthy”…and uses the phrase “if he comes back healthy”….hmmmmmm.

A.J. is up:

  • A.J. didn’t want Minnesota’s Eric Decker to get any clean releases and he tried to play as physical as possible against Decker.
  • A.J. gives props to Jerome Hayes and Navorro Bowman for that fantastic goal line stand vs. Minnesota two weeks ago.
  • Game has slowed down for AJ. “Everything was moving so fast. Now it seems that everything slowed down. I think it comes with patience,” says Wallace.
  • A.J. Was a running back in high school, he says he got bored playing running back because he scored too much or had too many yards and the conversion to cornerback was hard because he had to play so physical.
  • He calls Beaver Stadium an “un-compairable” stadium in college football.
  • He wants to do non-profit work when he is done with college.
  • A.J. wears No. 1 because he wore it in HS, and he wanted No. 5, but he had to take No. 12 so he waited until No. 1 came open. (No. 1 is to the PSU corner what it is to the Michigan wide receiver. The marquee corner, aside from Zemitas in ’05, wears it now. Anwar Phillips had it, Justin King took it, then A.J.)

Wallace exits stage left. Scrap is due up after the break.

It’s 6:18 in the east, 3:18 in the west and just after midnight in London, and we welcome defensive coordinator Tom “Scrap” Bradley into the program.

  • Caller on I-80, who hits a dead spot on the road asks something. Bradley says the defense is playing well because the offense is playing so much better and shortening the game for the D.
  • The side judge signaled for the clock stoppage on Saturday at Michigan, so says Scrap. Jones adds in there, in a hilarious deadpan moment “and Penn State won 35-10.”…ahhhhh Steven.
  • Northwestern’s pass patterns are different than Michigan’s spread attack. They are working on a new-front four rotation.
  • Doug from Wellsboro asks for Scrap to essentially give up the gameplan for the defense this week. Scrap declines. (And then Paterno sends a hitman to Doug’s house to make sure he don’t call da show no more. “Doug? Oh we won’t heah from him no more.” )
  • Scrap compares Kakfa to Tebow. Neil Geoghegan from Journal Register thinks C.J. Bacher is better than both of them. Mike Gross would laugh at Neil and tell him Kakfa is better than Bacher and that Bacher stinks and he doesn’t like him.  (inside joke)

Back from the commercial, Scrap is kind enough to stick around. Apparently he isn’t trick or treating tonight. Hey, you know what, I bet that’s what Joe is doing and I bet he is going as George Paterno. (I dearly miss George and Franny in the booth on Saturday’s. Franny is one of my idols.)

  • Henry from Steelton calls in. I am starting to think Henry in Steelton is Henry Hill of Goodfellas fame. Love the Steelton. Steelton and Carbondale is where my people are from.
  • Caller wants to know Scrap’s stance on a playoff system. Bradley wants it. “I think it can be done. Tie it in with the bowl games if you want.” Hey NCAA, when Scrap speaks, you best listen or he will tear your $&*#^!%**#& head off.
  • Bradley repeats his notion that Jared Odrick is the best 3-technique guy in the country. (Agreed)
  • The belief is that Josh Hull is vastly underrated. (Y’all will laugh, but I agree. Dude has been unbelievable this season)
  • They are pimping Astorino and his accomplishments.

Bradley exits stage left to root for the Pirates tonight. Wait, what? Oh the Pirates and their awfully cheap, overly sensitive ownership isn’t in the World Series? Sorry, my bad.

Galen Hall joins the show at 6:41 pm in the east, 3:41 pm in the west and about the time for last call over the pond….who am I kidding…they don’t stop drinking in the mother land.

Galen says he’s glad to be here. Sure sounds like it.

  • Caller asks how he can get some autograph pictures of Joe. That’s your question? Really? You can ask anything of the OC, or Jonesy….and you ask how you can get a JoePa autograph? CHILD PLEASE!
  • Legit question: What happens on a road trip Friday. They meet at 1:15 pm, fly out at 4:15, takes about an hour and change on the charter, they grub, go to bed, and they mix in a few meetings, then head on over to the stadium.
  • Caller from Chi-town asks who the biggest surprise on O has been and which player hasn’t been fully utilized yet? Galen says the surprise, really there is none. The players are playing the way they all thought they would.
  • Royster has made progress has come in making more decisive cuts behind the zone blocking scheme. He has to get more comfortable with the offensive line. Galen says he is picking up the blitzes better.

Final segment with Galen Hall

  • Caller stumbles around his question saying he used to see Galen play pinball at a local bar. OK, creep. He asks how many plays Sean Lee was in on last week. (Jones slips in, “35 give or take). Galen doesn’t think the injury bug will tag Sean Lee.
  • They pimp Daryll Clark…which is good, but I doubt anyone from ESPN is listening and I doubt that any Heisman voters out of state heard it. But this is what PSU needs to do, they need to pimp their own players better. We can’t write feel-good stories just because we like someone in our jobs, we have to be down the middle and write the facts (even though it does come out every once in a while we like a guy, like I said the other day)…so keep this up and these guys will get recognized.

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Nittany Lion Hotline recap

Joe Paterno has wrapped up his weekly radio show, Nittany Lion Hotline. A recap.

Host: The always loquacious Steve Jones.

Presenting sponsor: Of course, Sinus Buster Nasal Spray. (See last week’s recap for a warning about this outstanding product.)

Gameday Warning: Stop driving your RVs and take a car because they already have two inches of snow on the ground and they are expecting grass lots to be a problem. (Because I have to tell you this, its a huge plus being a member of the media and being able to park on pavement…just saying.)

Shameful Bball plug: ‘Hoopfest’ is Saturday, there is a Blue-White scrimmage at 11:30 on Saturday morning.  Go support your NIT champs and tell me how Jermaine Marshall is doing. Love that kid.

The Big News: Joe says Sean Lee has practiced every day this week, he is making progress and Joe bets that Lee will play on Saturday, how much, he isn’t sure. But the general rule is that if you practice Wednesday and Thursday, you’re playing.

Player Guest: Tight end Mickey Shuler.

  • Shuler says the running game is working now because everyone is blocking better, including the tight ends on the edge.
  • Pass patterns were easy for him coming out of East Pennsboro.
  • Footwork and keeping the hands together while making a catch are the two most important things when playing in bad weather.
  • Mick talks to his parents all the time. (Cool story Mick Sr. told me last year, they rent a RV and drive to most of the games and take some of the other players families with them on the ride.)
  • Mick watches film with his dad.

Obligatory academic question: Mick’s been on the Dean’s list three times. Damn.

Obligatory academic question Part II: Mick went to summer classes and became the 500th player to talk about how important summer classes where for him.

Joe arrives at approx. 6:26 p.m. eastern standard time. 5:26 central standard time….4:26 mountain standard time….3:26 western standard time. Just after midnight in London.


Back to Hotline…

Joe is on.

  • Minny does a lot of imaginative things. Joe says they need to be ready for anything.
  • The O-Line is “never as good as you want them to be.” (They’ve looked damn good two weeks in a row).
  • Minnesota is still a physical football team. Joe thought Minny was better than Wisconsin. He called Minnesota a “bunch of big tough kids.”
  • Henry from Steelton thinks the team is coming along very well. HIRE HIM!
  • Joe rehashes the kicking game and the blocked punt vs. Iowa. He also recalls what he said on Tuesday that Ryan Breen is inconsistent.
  • Henry said that “Matt Suhey is doing a good job of blocking,”….Alabama doesn’t think so. Sorry. Too soon? I mean it was back in ’78.
  • Joe wants a round-robin in the Big Ten Conference. Don’t we all. (Rhetorical question, please don’t answer)
  • Caller doesn’t think the team is ready for teams like Iowa when they face stuff like Akron, Temple and Syracuse. Joe doesn’t think the caller was accurate. People, open the program, the non-con is better next year with future BCS champ Alabama coming next year. It’s a start.
  • Jonesy said that ‘Bama and Virginia are playing home and home with PSU in 2010-11, 2012-13.
  • Joe isn’t worried about how Daryll Clark holds the ball out over the goal line on QB sneaks. (Couldn’t you see a situation vs. Ohio State where it’s knocked away and reviewed and it goes against PSU? He’ll care then, won’t he? But The Vest won’t care….he’ll put his pinky to his mouth and do the Dr. Evil laugh. Love Tressel. LOVE HIM, JERRY!)
  • The delay of game last week wasn’t PSU’s fault, it was the broken play clock and the ref  was looking at the broken clock. Something tells me Joe took care of that play clock….and likely the operator of it too. (See: Batts, Billy, Goodfellas)
  • Caller thinks they need to go back to the smaller, eight team conferences. I agree, so does Joe. Ain’t nothing you can do about it now.
  • Caller likes there’s limited distractions and Joe said he likes being back on the sideline.

Joe exits stage left to speed through traffic and yell at a lady at a red light at 6:54 eastern standard time, 5:54 central standard time, 4:54 mountain standard time, 3:54 western standard time. Just before 1am London time. Some two minutes ago.

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Hotline recap

Pat Mauti was the player guest tonight, nice to hear from him, although one caller referred to him as “Paul” and Henry from Steelton, when host Steve Jones told him “you’re on with Pat Mauti,” goes “Pat who?”

Ouch babe.

But in defense, most probably do as “Hey, who is that No. 84” when they are at games on Saturday. I mean Mauti has played how many snaps? But still, a fine effort to get him on the air and let his voice be heard even if no one has a clue who he is. Pat, I know who you are, the rest of us on the beat know who you are, damnit, and we think you’re A-OK.

Your host: Steve Jones, produced by Jeff Tarman and Guido (who now just goes by one name because that’s all you need. Just know he gets it done at PSU. How could a guy named Guido NOT get it done. Love that guy )

Your presenting sponsor: Sinus Buster Nasal Spray (which, my god, works like a charm, but be careful because it has pepper in it and you’ll feel like Bud Fox from Wall-Street when you snort some of it.)

The big news from tonight: Nothing.  Sean Lee was not mentioned once and Jones did not ask Pat Mauti for an update on injured brother Mike. Also no one asked Joe why Charlie Manuel threw Joe Blanton and pinch ran Cliff Lee today. I was curious to hear his answer on both fronts. (Note: I am not a Phillies fan, but there was nothing else on today so I had to watch. OK OK, I will root for them if the Yankees get KO’d somewhere along the line but it’s only because I like the Phanatic and his silly gyrating hips and the four-wheeler he rides around in like a drunken fool before the games, and his snout and the fact I have a stuff Phanatic from when I was two years old.)

The semi-big news: Joe says that they plan on playing Jordan Hill and that they planned on redshirting him but he has come along very well.

Highlights from Paterno’s 25 minutes:

  • Caller wants to know about OL depth. Joe says they work two groups all the time, saying they split time evenly on specific drills.
  • Joe sidesteps a Bowden question again saying “I don’t know what Florida State was before he got there.” Joe said he doesn’t know what Bowden wants to do and what FSU wants to do and if they called Joe up he would say “no comment.”
  • Joe likes EIU quarterback Jake Christiansen. Jones points out EIU has 11 D I-A transfers. Nice stat.
  • Joe can’t answer why they don’t play Lock Haven over EIU. I just spit out iced tea on the keyboard. Are you kidding me? EIU would drill Lock Haven. Note to caller from Marysville, have you checked out Lock Haven’s football team lately? Oofah.
  • Joe doesn’t think the secondary is as confident as it could be. He notes reaction to the ball when it’s thrown and how they aren’t taking chances.  It’s not the scheme, it’s people getting more comfortable and playing faster when they see things better.
  • Lady from Altoona calls in and says “I love you,” to Joe.  Joe immediately looked over at Guido and they booked at room at the Marriott. BADA BOOM! I’ll be here all week kids. Tip your waiters.
  • Next caller, this one a guy, calls in and says “I dunno if I love you, but I like you a lot,”…..Joe immediately cancels Marriott reservation. Seriously though, Joe says “I don’t like you, Rich.” Ahhh Henny Paterno. Or is it Joe Youngman?
  • Paterno calls Jared Odrick a “great football player,” and said he is one of the best defensive tackles in the country. No argument here. Dude is a beast.
  • Joe is worried about the increase in ACL injuries, and there needs to be better MRI technology.

And with that Joe is off to an event in State College and that will do it for another Hotline recap.

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Nittany Lion Hotline recap

Linebacker Josh Hull and Joe Paterno are done with Nittany Lion Hotline. A quick recap.

  • Hull said the team is “excited” to get back out on the field.
  • The attitude in practice has been good, it’s been intense.
  • Hull has been active in Lift for Life and enjoys his time spent doing that.
  • The defense is right where it needs to be, they are jelling right now. The team needs to become the team it’s going to become the rest of the way.

Joe joins the show

  • The offensive line has been taking much abuse and Joe thinks they’ve done an OK job. (right)
  • Royster had lingered flu symptoms last week and didn’t practice well, Devon Smith had a concussion last week and is OUT this week, regarding Sean Lee, “I don’t think he’s going to make it”
  • Receiver Chaz Powell is sick this week and it’s unclear if he plays on Saturday at Illinois
  • Were the preseason expectations too high? Joe says it’s tough to keep guys like Maybin and Evans when the pros come calling.
  • Joe said that maybe he could have done a better job with the guys that “got out of whack” (IE: Taylor, Koroma, Bell)
  • “Let’s not give the damn game away”
  • In order to rebound from that nightmare last weekend the leadership has to take over this team.  He said that sometimes he feels he has kids that act too silly and maybe don’t take things seriously….and that’s not what helped the ’82 team win out and win the national title.
  • Joe’s message is simple: “Produce or shut up”
  • Caller mentions how when former PSUer Brian Milne was in the hospital battling cancer, Paterno kept the scholarship open for him. The guy sounded very emotional and it was the best call this season on NLH.

Tonight’s informal poll: If Pat Devlin was still on this team, what would his role be? Would he have played Saturday and if he rallied them past Iowa would he have started this week?

Leave a comment below this post, e-mail me at ethomas626@yahoo.com or find me on Twitter and follow me and respond to that. I’ll be curious to see what the response is and I will share some tomorrow when I make the weekly picks.

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Lee Update, poll problems

It might be the worst kept secret, but, sources have again told me that linebacker Sean Lee is not going to play this weekend against Illinois. I’d expect someone to ask Joe Paterno about that tonight on Nittany Lion Hotline, so stay tuned for that later tonight at 6pm for the official word.

You’ve got to wonder at this point if the injury to Lee’s knee isn’t a little more severe than it’s led to believe.

The same source tells me that Lee did not practice on Tuesday or Wednesday..Paterno said Tuesday that Lee didn’t practice on Monday and was unlikely to do so Tuesday.

Now on to something else bothering me.

If you’re like me and check Pollspeak.com every Sunday or soon there after, you keep track of who votes who where.

After Saturday’s disasterous effort from the second quarter-on for Penn State, can you believe that six voters in the AP poll still had Penn State ranked ahead of Iowa? One voter had Penn State at No. 10.

How can these clowns who claim to be “experts” be taken seriously? The same joker that had PSU 10th had Oklahoma State ranked ahead of Houston. Has that guy even watched a game this season? Does he know how to spell ‘college football?’

Nine voters had PSU unranked, including Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit. I’m OK with that, but I still would have put them in my Top 20, probably right at No. 20.

If anyone who claims to be an expert that votes, watched that entire 60 minutes, you can’t tell me that Iowa wasn’t the better team for 45 of those minutes. Doing quick math that means for 75-percent of the game, Iowa was beating down No. 5 in the country. Yet even though No. 5 was handled, at home mind you, they are still a better team?

No. They aren’t.

And that is the problem with these voters. Unless you are like Chris Fowler or Kirk Herbstreit, you aren’t watching enough to realize what you should be voting for. Doug Lesmerises doesn’t get to watch every game covering Ohio State, but at least his poll makes sense. Others should follow his lead.

Pollsters pay too much attention to the “yeah but” and “what if” factors in voting.  You know, the “yeah but the weather,” “yeah but if they played ten times”…”yeah but this guy was hurt,”…”yeah but it was a road game,”….I don’t care about rain, snow or sleet, playing ten times doesn’t matter because you only play once, if you’re a top caliber team, you can overcome injuries with replacements (Hey, Oklahoma, take note), and if you are good, playing on the road should entice you to play harder and better than you do at home.

The “what if” factor is always “what if they complete that pass,” “what if the line blocked that guy better,” “what if the refs…” yada yada yada. When a team is better than you for the majority of the game (BYU over Oklahoma, Iowa over PSU), those things do not matter. Take your loss, rebuild and move on. If ou are good enough in a few weeks voters will recognize you.

The way some of these guys vote makes me start thinking that the BCS isn’t so bad afterall. Honestly. Yes it’s a flawed system but clearly so is the mindset of some of these “experts” that vote in the AP poll.


Do yourself a favor and surf over to the Post-Gazette’s website and read Colin Dunlap’s feature on West Virginia’s Brian Logsdon.

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